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Established in 1870
Attitude towards God
Remember that we have been created in order to love and serve God, our creator, and that all learning and wealth in this world amount to nothing without the fear of God on which our temporal and eternal welfare depends.
Attitude towards Teachers
Respect every teacher, whether of your own class or not. Be grateful towards those who taught you in the past. Show your teachers those exterior signs of reverence to which they are entitled, such as greeting them whenever you meet them.
Attitude towards School-mates
Strive to edify your school-mates by your good example at all time. In fact, no sermon is more efficacious than good example.
Sports day
Sports day
Sports day


God has designed us for purity and given us the resources to live in a way that is honoring and pleasing to Him.


Humility is an asset for self-improvement. By remaining humble, you are receptive to opportunities to improve.


Children must obey their parents. Students must obey their teachers. We should remember that obedience is the rule of life and without it life is never complete.


Kindness matters. It can turn a child’s whole day around, and when you have children who are kind, the day is brighter and more productive too.
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